A lady can never have enough fragrances, so don’t rule out buying her one just because she’s already got five. Here are our top picks:

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Whether for fashion, function or both, a good-looking watch is a statement piece that your lady will love. Understand her taste and style, but if you don’t have the time to do that, here are our suggestions:

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Gone are the days when sneakers were strictly a guy-thing. Women have incorporated them into their attire and they make for a comfortable and stylish look. They’ll also be on her feet often this festive season with all the driving, day-time events and morning walks. and these are the ultimate definition of comfort and style:

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Tote Bag

You know how we’re always so mesmerised by how women can carry their whole lives in one handbag? Well, the bags big enough to carry all that are called tote bags – they’re perfect for carrying everything in a bag without looking like she has everything in her bag. Here are our picks:

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While dogs are a man’s best friend, heels are a lady’s. Just like fragrance’s, watches, sneakers and bags, a girl can never have enough of these. Heels make women feel confident, they make her stand up tall and sure of her place in the world. Not only will your lady love you that much more if you buy her a pair of heels, she will be so touched that you were able to come out of your comfort zone of ideas to get her something you don’t necessarily understand. Here are our picks:


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