Anne Dolinschek (Anneversation)

Anne copyI couldn’t resist playing around with the camera and got a bit artistic with it while out and about. Jozi streets are actually beautiful at night, and I tried to capture this. I used the regular back camera and then tried the Pro mode. I’m quite happy with the outcome. The camera is only 16MP but the quality is really good. The screen also has Quad HD resolution, which ensures pictures and videos are viewed in top quality.

The best discovery of the night was, however, what is called the Wide Selfie mode. In laymen’s terms it’s a Panorama selfie. You can get all your friends in your selfie without a selfie stick.

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Zaahirah Bhamjee (Complete Disbelief)

IMG_0605The Samsung Galaxy S6 features a 16MP rear-facing camera that captures scenes beautifully. I like the way it handles daylight situations and the Selective Focus mode allows you to take photos and create that soft, blurry background. The front-facing camera is a wide-angle 5MP lens that manages selfies really well.

Overall, as someone very used to using only DSLR images for my social media, I’ve started using photos from the Samsung S6 and I don’t think anyone can tell the difference. It is the best cellphone camera I have ever used.

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Jerri Mokgofe (According to Jerri)

Jerri copyI do fashion curating – photography, styling, writing and commentating. The right tools are usually a priority, valuable and pricey – sigh. The check list definitely includes a quality smartphone with various capabilities that complements what I do and my overall life on the go. For the #MissionSamsung Bloggger Challenge 3, I looked to nature for inspiration because when it comes to harmonious colours of life it is all based on the colours of nature. As a stylist I need to know all about the colour wheel, be it from the vividly rejuvinating colours of spring and summer, to the dull, wilted, soothing, muted and earthy colours that comes with autumn and winter. One thing for sure is that I love a burst of colour, print and texture. The more abstract in nature, the more I am intrigued and drawn in. One of the key things I wanted to test with this smartphone was how realistically the camera quality can capture what the naked eye sees. I was pleasantly surprised when I accidentally discovered the professional functionality of the camera (score!), which means I can photograph on manual and adjust things like light sensitivity, light balance and aperture. I always use a DSLR camera to document my personal and professional life, so I have been spoilt into thinking that I couldn’t get much out of a phone camera . . . because I never had the Galaxy S6. For a few days I decided to try out the Samsung S6 to see if I could mission sans the DSLR, and developed this photo essay. I will not go into too much detail via words and will let the pictures do the talking for me, after all, a picture is worth . . . I will spare you the cliche. This is a collage of images captured from my normal day-t0-day life in Johannesburg city, a road trip, sunset, aerial foodie shots, selfies, fashion flat layouts, outdoor nature and more.

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