What attracted you to a career in comedy?
I guess it chose me. I was happily studying a degree in science when a chance performance at a bar in Cape Town started me along this path. I’m actually genuinely on a gap year. The plan was to go back and do an M.Phil. in Animal Physiology. The gap year just happens to be taking longer than usual.

How would you describe your comedic style?
It’s been described as conversational – that’s a pretty accurate description. Most nights just feel like I’m shooting the breeze with some mates around a braai… and that makes for an awesome gig.

What was the idea behind Stuart Taylor’s 2015 in Revue and what can audiences expect from the show?
It’s a funny yet entertaining look back at the year that was. We make fun of the heavy subjects and ridicule the ridiculous. It’s just a cool way to wrap up your year and an awesome way to welcome in the new year.

In the show, you’re joined by special guests, Mel Jones and Oscar Petersen. Why do you enjoy collaborating with other comedians?
There is power in collaboration. Creativity flows best when you hang out with like-minded people. It also beats doing a solo show over the festive season because now I have drinking partners.

What has been your professional highlight of 2015?
I got to play at a couple of holiday resorts in the USA in “middle America”. It’s way different from playing New York City or the other big cities. I realised that funny is funny, no matter where you go.

What can fans expect from you in 2016?
I’m working on a very secretive TV project… so watch this space!

Stuart Taylor’s 2015 in Revue is currently on at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town and runs until 9 January 2016. Tickets are available on Computicket.