It was recently announced that Thando Thabethe would be taking over from Poppy Ntshongwane on 5fm, doing a daily show from 10am-1pm. This is something that Thabethe says she’s been working towards her entire life.

And it’s just one of the many achievements that the Generations: The Legacy actress has tucked under her belt this year. We caught up with her to find out more.

How did the 5fm gig happen? 

Well, Poppy Ntshongwane had resigned and the station needed somebody else to do the show. I was chosen. I’m so excited for the new role – it’s something I’ve always wanted and that I’ve worked towards. I’ve been in radio for a couple of years and I think that this was the perfect time for it.

What have been your highlights for 2015? 

Obviously the Make It Stop campaign… that was a really powerful movement for me and the way it was received was just amazing. I got to go to the MTV VMA’s in the USA, I joined SA’s biggest soapie Generations: The Legacy and I got to go to Milan to interview Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Now I’m going to be on 5fm. So it really has been a good year!

Did you come into this year telling yourself that you’d own it?

I didn’t only do that for this year. It’s my mantra for every single year and season that I go into. I just think that when the sun is shining in your direction, nothing and no one can take that away from you – and it’s just going to keep getting brighter and brighter.

Thando Thabethe   Thando Thabethe

What are some of the challenges you faced this year? 

I lost my brother this year and I think that for me stands out as the biggest thing I’ve had to face. It happened quite recently so it’s something I don’t really want to talk about.

With more work comes more responsibility, more things to keep up with and less time in your day. You’re literally working from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, but I wouldn’t really call that a challenge. If you’re enjoying what you’re doing, then it’s not really a challenge, you know?

What’s your vision for the future? 

I think I’ve achieved everything that I’ve wanted to achieve and now the aim is to be the best at what I do. I create new dreams all the time. I want to go into the feature films industry and do some inspirational movies and that’s really the goal. But, for now, I’m appreciating my now and making the best of it – the future will work itself out.

3 things that Thando learned in 2015:

  1. No one can disappoint you but yourself.
  2. Not every day is guaranteed.
  3. The world is your oyster.