As men, we have a tendency to neglect our hands and feet, particularly the latter. If you’re part of the crew who only moisturise the visible parts of their bodies when they leave the house, it would come as no surprise that the least visible part of yourself throughout the day is also the least taken care of.

While you could pay a visit to a pedicure professional, you could also surprise your lady today by bringing your feet back to life in the comfort of your own home. These four steps will put the spring back into your sandal-strapped step:

Soften them up

While the correct way to do this would be to soak your feet in a big bowl of warm water for about five minutes, this is not always practical. Soaking them while you take a bath in the tub or in the shower works just as well. This will soften your nails and open up your pores. before the real work begins.

Traditional scrubbing

Remember when you were young and your mother used to scrub your whole body with a pumice stone ’til you felt like your skin was about to come off? This next step involves using the same technique. Immerse your feet in water and scrub the soles with a pumice stone, targeting the heels, sides and any visible calluses. You won’t immediately notice a major difference, but after doing it a few times over a couple of days, you will be surprised at the progress.

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Cut it out

After you’ve thoroughly traumatised your feet with the stone, you can get to the core of the issue – the cutting. Before you start clipping your toe nails, dig out any dirt underneath each nail and and quickly rinse both your  feet. The golden rule of nail-clipping is to never clip them down to the nail bed. Always leave a thin, white line on the tips. Clip down the middle first and then move to the sides to create a circular shape.

For the perfect finish, file the edges of your newly trimmed toenails to round them out and smoothen the finish.

Moisturise, moisture, moisture

The key to general skin health is moisturising. You can moisturise your feet with a regular body moisturiser, but for a more targeted finish, use a moisturising foot cream. Don’t forget to moisturise your heels and the area in-between your toes. Try The Body Shop’s Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion (150ml, R120), which both deodorises and moisturises.

Now you’re ready to slide on the slops and confidently take on the streets!

Source: Grooming Lounge