It’s the weekend and you’re out with your friends having a couple of drinks and enjoying life. Suddenly, you get an urge to contact your ex. It starts out as a small suggestion you can block out, but after a few more drinks it becomes a monkey on your back, and that moment seems like the perfect one to get everything off your chest.

Too much alcohol can lead to embarrassment because booze lowers inhibitions, making you more risk-averse. While this is great when you want to dance like nobody is watching, it can also lead to impaired decision-making.

Sober Nation explains that when a person consumes alcohol, their brain starts to release dopamine – the more alcohol, the more dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical your brain creates to make you feel good.

However, as with most things in life, too much of a good thing is not good for you at all.

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“Dopamine blocks a lot more than just our mind’s ability to make a somewhat responsible decision, it blocks all expressions of it. One or two drinks may help someone relax and become a bit more outgoing at a social gathering or at a party. Just adding a few more drinks may prompt someone to start acting in ways they usually would not,” according to the site.

This explains why shooting off a text to an ex suddenly seems like such a good idea at 3am in the morning after four tequilas. There is some good news, however! Technology can help you avoid the humiliation of waking up with a vicious hangover and knowing that you broke your promise to not talk to your ex.

There are a number of apps that will stop you before you send that message that is sure to embarrass you in the morning. Here are two you can try out this weekend.

Drunk Mode

drink mode 2 Drunk Mode

This app is available on iPhone and Android. It allows you to select a couple of numbers that you can’t call for up to 12 hours. The app also allows you to track your drunk friends via GPS so you don’t lose each other as the night progresses.

Drunk Text Savior

drunksavior drunksaviour

This app will let you see a picture of the person you want to text so that you can avoid sending a message to the wrong person. It also has a warning metre that detects when your messages start getting messy, by looking out for misspelt words and any rude language. Available for iPhone.

Source: Sober Nation