In case you missed it, it’s no longer frowned upon to be going grey at an early age. In fact, why was it ever frowned upon? Women of all ages are now rocking their greys in the most exciting ways.

Yolandi, 37, absolutely loves flaunting her grey hair because it adds to her individuality. “Going grey is a wonderful testament to getting older”, she says. “It makes you uniquely you. I love my grey hair because it totally works with my afro and my ‘Cruella de Vil’ streaks.”


“It’s the same perception around how we accept our bodies. We learn to accept the parts of ourselves that we don’t necessarily like, or wish we could change. It’s all about embracing the self. You have to enjoy what you have.”


Yolandi Michaels
Yolandi Michaels

Here are ways to own your greys – unapologetically.

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Dye your hair an ombre grey

Over the past few months, more and more women have been asking their stylists to dye their hair grey intentionally – and it looks amazing. Enhance your existing grey hairs by dyeing your roots or ends grey. Consult with your stylist beforehand to make sure your hair is healthy enough to handling the process.


If dyeing your hair is too permanent, why not opt for grey braids? They’re super trendy, your natural hair colour will blend in well and you can decide when you’ve had enough of it. Another option is clip-in hair extensions.

Pearl Thusi Image: Instragram

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Brush-in colours

If you’re really desperate to cover your grey hair, and don’t want to go to extremes, shop around at outlets like Clicks or Dischem for a brush-in colour or hair mascara. Application takes about 10 seconds and, best of all, it washes out easily. And we all love a quick beauty fix.

Let your make-up play along

There are so many make-up looks to play around with if you’re rocking grey hair, but one that we particularly love is a smokey eye paired with a matte oxblood lip colour. Winning!

It’s the season of the silver fox – so embrace it!

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Image: The Style Network
Image: The Style Network