Plans are under way to build the fastest cellphone network in the world.

A team of University of Surrey researchers is reportedly working to create a network that will enable mobile internet speeds that are 100 times faster than they are at present.

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The researchers are working with tech companies Samsung and Fujistu on this project that aims to enable students to download movies to their gadgets in less than five seconds. Home appliances and gadgets from other companies could also benefit from this research.

University of Surrey Research Centre Director Rahim Tafazolli and his team are under pressure to deliver a working product as the appetite for connectivity increases. A number of carriers around the world are ready to offer consumers this much anticipated wireless service.

Some analysts have been hesistant about this new technology and question why carriers are focusing on the next generation of wireless technology when many parts of the world, particularly developing countries, endure slow internet access. This concern, however, has not discouraged companies from investing their hopes in the 5G network.

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The Mobile World Congress is scheduled to display the abilities of 5G. This four-day event in Barcelona, beginning today, will host most of the world’s largest operators and device makers. Samsung will be in attendance, and is expected to announce its latest wireless technology and products, particularly the S7 that dropped yesterday, as well as wearable tech.

The new 5G wireless technology is set to launch in early 2018.