Not only is rapper Cassper Nyovest a musician, he’s also an innovator and businessman.

AG Mobile (who were also sponsors of Nyovest’s 2015 Fill Up The Dome concert), in partnership with MTN, recently announced the launch of their new AG#Hashtag cellphone which is inspired by Nyovest (real name Refiloe Maele Phoolo). The official media launch takes place on Tuesday, 19 April.

Nyovest was actively involved in the design, development, and specifications of the phone.

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“AG Mobile approached us last year just before we did Fill Up The Dome,” Nyovest told DESTINY. “The idea of creating a cellphone came up and we’ve been working on the design and everything else ever since.”

Nyovest is thrilled about partnering with the South African brand, saying he’s dedicated to empowering the nation and challenging the status quo.

He adds: “If it were any other cellphone company, would they make a cellphone around me? I don’t think so.”

Nyovest says the collaboration between the AG Mobile and Cassper Nyovest brands is authentic because the two brands have mutual respect and can both benefit from the partnership.

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“If you have the brain to dabble with anything else that will grow your brand, go with it,” advises Nyovest. “As long as you take yourself seriously as a brand. Stay true to who you are. If you want to make music and stay in studio, that’s cool too.”