Are there any preparation steps to take before make-up application? 

Yes, of course! Make sure you use a good anti-shine primer before make-up application. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is a really good one, as is Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer and MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother. The formulas vary, but they all work well.

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What top tools and products should women with oily skin invest in to ensure long-wear make-up?

A powder puff is an inexpensive yet essential to ensure matte flawless skin. If you try to absorb powder with a brush compared to a puff, there’s no comparison.

Blotting papers are also an inexpensive investment for those with oily skin. You can use them throughout the day without messing up your make-up. Good quality, effective products don’t always have to be expensive, you just need to know the tips and tricks of the trade to spend wisely.

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Make-up artist Lucky Smyler

How do women with oily skin keep their make-up looking fresh and matte throughout the day? 

In order to keep your make-up fresh, blot periodically with an anti-shine product. I recommend Eve Pearl Anti-Shine or Mally Beauty Face Defender. Follow with a dusting of your powder of choice.

A good skin-care regimen is also a good way to keep make-up looking fresh. Properly washing and moisturising your face with quality products that are appropriate for your skin type provides a foundation for the make-up. Nothing can compare to flawless skin as the base for beautiful make-up.

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How can one prevent lower lash-line smudges when applying mascara, and keep the eyes looking refreshed throughout the day or evening? 

An easy and almost full-proof way to prevent lower lash-line smudges from mascara is to use waterproof mascara on the lower lashes. One of my favourites is Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Waterproof Mascara. It’s fabulous and inexpensive, a win-win!

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Lucky’s top three tips to make your lipstick last longer

Truthfully, there is no miracle fix, but there are ways to increase the life of your lipstick and maintain a beautiful pout.

  1. Always use a lip balm prior to lipstick application, and allow the lip balm time to moisturise the lips. Apply at the beginning of your make-up routine, right before you begin. This gives the product time to melt into the lips and work. Supple lips are a perfect foundation to make lipstick last longer.
  2. Line your lips and then fill in the entire lip. Apply lipstick and then blot the excess. Dust the lips with powder, then reapply lip colour. The powder sets the lipstick in place. This of course works best when the colours of the liner and lipstick are similar shades.
  3. One sure-fire way to make lipstick last is to use a waterproof or smudge-proof liquid lipstick formula like the new MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. The product is high quality, it does stay put, the range of colours are on trend and there’s one for every skin tone. It’s a great investment to ensure long-lasting non-smudge lipstick, and matte lipstick is so on trend right now.

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