Following cryptic social media posts, reports surfaced earlier this year that HHP (real name Jabulani Tambo) had tied the knot with his girlfriend Lerato Sengadi.

Until now, neither had confirmed their nuptials, but in a recent interview with musician Slikour on his blog,, HHP confirmed that he’s a happily married man.

“It’s good to say ‘my wife’. Being married is amazing”, he told Slikour. “The respect that I’m getting from my folks and my entire family as a result is overwhelming. For the longest time I realised I’ve always been a boy, but now that I’m married, I’m respected as a man.”

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HHP also chatted to Slikour about his upcoming US deal, without revealing too much. According to, the rapper received a call from Russel Simmons’ office and is about to sign a major deal.

“I’m about to leave for the US; I’m trying to get that deal out there. I’m itching to tell folks what’s about to happen, but it’s big things. My mom always says ‘never tell people you’re buying a house, just invite them to your housewarming,’” HHP said.

“I just know that there’s a great future for African music. The world is waiting for guys like us who think on their level but bring who we are.”

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Earlier this year HHP was very open about his struggles with depression in a frank interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central, revealing that he attempted to commit suicide three times in 2015.

He said: “This voice came to me and said ‘Dude‚ if you really want to die‚ you need to live. If you really want to die‚ you need to do that sh*t that you’ve always wanted to do and you’ve always been scared of doing and one of those is speaking my mind.”

Following the interview, he spent time in a rehab facility after reportedly checking himself in.

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