Visit your salon regularly
To keep your dreads in great condition, experts recommend that you visit the salon for a wash, treatment and relock every two weeks. This will ensure that your dreads remain healthy and well taken care of.

Bob Chaz from XTLS Beauty Salon in KZN and Johannesburg says women often make the mistake of following their own method to save money. “Don’t compromise and follow a method you’re unsure of or which is not advised by your stylist if you don’t have enough money to visit the salon. Your hair won’t be healthy,” he warns.

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Keep up the daily care

To take care of your locks at home, stock up on enough dread-care products. Jabu Stone, a national salon specialising in natural haircare, advises women with dreads to purchase braiding spray or multi-purpose moisturising hair spray. These products should be used every morning to keep your locks glossy.

Furthermore, Jabu Stone experts say on the company website that it’s vital to avoid brushing your dreads “to keep the hair line intact and also to avoid fluffiness and that untidy look that brushing of locks can bring.” 

The ends of your dreads should generally not be exposed to sunlight because they will become discoloured. Rather opt for protective styling that will not expose the ends.

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Chaz adds thats that women with dreads should avoid getting dust and dirt in their hair because it settles in it.

What should you cover your hair with when you sleep

For sleeping purposes, Chaz recommends special caps that are sold for this purpose.

Taking care of your dreads in winter 

Because of the drier conditions, special care should be taken of dreads in winter. You often tend to develop flakes because your scalp will be exposed to the cold. The best remedy is to protect your scalp with a protective style.

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Common mistakes
When you start growing dreadlocks, you must take care with what products you use, warns Chaz. If you start off using a certain brand, stick to it until or unless your stylist recommends something else. Switching between products will change the texture of your hair and affect the growth process.

Should you dye your dreads?
If you’re considering dyeing your dreads, experts recommend waiting six months before changing colours.