Hard work and dedication are what got Yolanda Miya where she is today. At the age of 26 she was working in London on the emerging markets desk for Deutsche Bank. She would start work at 6am and was often the last person to leave the office.

“I started out on a trading desk and there were about 800 people – rows and rows of them. You had the European Desk, The American Desk and the Emerging Markets desk, with everyone gunning for the same clients,” she says, adding that the competition was incredibly aggressive.

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The journey to the top was not an easy one for her. Miya started off with a Bachelor of Business Science degree in finance and accounting. She then completed a graduate programme at Deutsche Bank and accepted a position in data management there. In 2006 she moved to London where she worked on the bank’s Emerging Markets Desk.

The 2008 financial crunch forced a number expats who were working in London to return home, and Miya  decided to return to the country in 2011.

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