It’s been said that black women stay true to the concept of suffering for beauty. From having your hair tugged in different directions, to waking up at the crack of dawn to make your appointment, or dealing with a moody stylist – we’ll all been there. At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to put up with #BlackSalonProblems, but we know there’s simply no way of getting around them.

DESTINY readers shared their pet peeves about going to the salon.

The lack of hygiene – Zama (25)

I struggle with the lack of hygiene in salons. Stylists tend to re-use towels and sometimes don’t wash their combs and brushes often enough. When they’re doing your hair they’ll dip a comb in the hair food, and when another customer comes along, they’ll use the same comb and hair food! People’s scalp problems could easily be transferred to your scalp. My family always takes their own products and tools.

Lucy (36)
Why do stylists always feel the need to go crazy with oil moisturiser or hair food? Just a pea-sized amount is enough. Nothing is worse than leaving the salon looking like you could fry an egg or two on your head!

Kgosi (30)
There’s this thing that happens at salons where you get bumped down when your turn comes because the salon’s most loyal client just walked in. Like, no! I call way in advance to book my appointment but often when I get there, I’ll find someone else in my chair for a ‘quick touch-up’, and we know those touch-ups are never quick.

Another struggle is sitting under the hairdryer for hours. Your ears turn all kinds of red and pink. Why do stylists feel the need to let you sit longer than necessary? My hair has literally seen flames under there!

Rosebud (40s)

I’ve got seriously kinky hair at the best of times, but when blowed out it actually looks a lot straighter! So when I walk into a salon, I always get the feeling that the stylists wonder what I’m doing there, like I could have misunderstood the signs outside and should have stopped by the stalls at Bellville station for a braid.

I can also never understand why stylists are often so judgmental about the condition of your hair. I mean, I’m going to the salon to have my hair fixed! This means that it’s probably a bit dirty, dry and  needs some professional maintenance. So what are the looks about? Surely, if you take your car to the carwash, it’s because it needs a thorough cleaning. #StopTheJudgement!

Nthabiseng (28)
Ok so first things first: The early call-time is problematic because you end up waiting the whole day anyway. Going to the salon is a full-day excursion for me. You must bring your padkos because you’ll be humbled by the waiting game, shem.

This is part of my struggle every month because I cannot style my own hair. This is why I have long-term hair!

Makoma (26)
I’ve found that black stylists are often untrained. If I had a lot of money, I would open a salon with trained stylists tomorrow!

Siza (20s)
My stylist works on a first-come-first-served basis and I don’t get it! He’s the only stylist there and because he’s so good, it means I have to sit and wait for everyone before me to be done. My trip to Soweto lasts for up to two hours.

Also, they are never kind to your hairline! If they’re braiding your hair, you just become numb to the pain eventually. We all know that the minute you get home from braiding at the salon you have to take out the waslap.

The struggle continues, ladies!