Many of us have had the displeasure of working for a horrible boss.

However, there are ways to spot a bad boss right from the interview stage – red flags so to speak. We’ve put together a list of four signs to look out for during your interview that may indicate that you’re dealing with a horrible boss. Consider these signs before accepting the job offer.

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Here are the five things to look out for: 

The boss’s attitude

First thing’s first, you have to be conscious of the interviewer’s energy and attitude towards you. Look at things that they focus on the most during an interview. Does the boss come across as self-absorbed and babbles on about themselves rather than the actual job at hand and finding out about you, the potential candidate? This could be an indicator of the boss’s leadership style – indicating that they’re all about their own ideas; that they are stubborn and not open to the opinions of others; and that they’re probably difficult to work with.

You’re not respected  

If you get the sense that you are not being respected in the interview (for instance, you find that you can’t make it through a sentence without being interrupted, you’re constantly being corrected for the most insignificant things, and so on), then chances are things won’t change when you’re employed by the same person interviewing you.

Additionally, if the boss gets straight to the point without a formal greeting – introducing themselves and trying to make you feel comfortable (which is common courtesy, really) – but instead, after a simple “hello”, gets straight into the interview, then this is also a red flag.

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They’re not professional 

The goal of any interview is to get the best possible candidate for the open position and as such, during an interview a boss should be fully and solely focused on the candidate being interviewed. If during your interview and while you’re answering questions you notice that your potential future boss is checking their e-mail, heavily texting and answering phone calls that could have waited, then those are signs of a bad boss that you shouldn’t ignore.

You’re interviewed by other people  

A big red flag is if you find you’re not even being interviewed by the person who is going to be your boss, but instead the interview has been delegated to others. This could be the case due to one of two reasons: either the position isn’t in complete existence yet and hasn’t been properly chalked out, or the manager doesn’t have time to meet you. This will probably mean that they also won’t have time to guide and mentor you through your position.

What has been your most terrible experience in an interview? 

Additional source: Forbes