Radio DJ Anele’s TV talk show Real Talk is expected to debut today. The 48-minute daytime variety talk show will see Anele interacting with celebrities, sports personalities and social commentators. 

Some of her guests will include radio DJ Sbusiso Leope, TV personality Trevor Gumbi and rapper Fifi Cooper.

The show will cover various topics such as news, entertainment, family, health, technology, finance and trends.

Real Talk is an exciting contrast between famous and fresh faces, news and opinion, fact and fun,” says a statement from SABC. 

The busy mother to 13-month-old Alakhe-ilizwe received the 2014 Nickelodeon award for favourite South African radio personality in the African awards category.

Ep 2_Matt Mlilo, DJ Sbu and friend

In a previous interview with DESTINY, Anele said one of the things that helped her to get ahead in her career was being herself.

“You have to trust yourself enough to be yourself. I have tried to be Gareth, Fresh and Unathi at some stage in my life and I finally figured out that being me will make me more memorable. The only way you can figure out who you are is to do more radio, so take those shows that no one wants to do because they lead you to the shows everyone wants to do.”

Anele has had her hands full in the past year and a bit, not only did she have a child, she has also been busy doing some comedy.

She told DESTINY that she hoped that female comedians would start getting more recognition in the country.

“People keep asking me if we will ever have a female Trevor Noah? I don’t even want another male Trevor Noah,” she says. “I do think there’s space for a female to host a late night show. A nice risqué show where they go toe-to-toe with the guests. But channels are scared, you get so regulated that it ends up being watered down from the original pitch. However, women like M-Net CEO Yolisa Phahle and SABC 3 Channel Head Aisha Mohammed, who are edgy, risky and humorous, they get it and will want to push it,” she told DESTINY in January.

Real Talk will be broadcast on SABC 3 at 4pm-5pm Monday-Friday.