I don’t know about you, but one of my major cringe factors – besides the scathing sound of nails down a chalkboard – is not just dry hands, but dry hands touching paper. Shivers run down my spine just thinking about it!

So when it comes to winter hand care, I’m quite a fuss-pot about what I place on my hands – plus I can still hear my mom’s voice reverberate in my head, saying: “The first sign of a woman’s age shows on her hands darling, so take extra care of them.”

In the tough current economic climate often the first things we re-access, when cutting expenses from the budget, are the “treat yourself” items, especially when it comes to luxury beauty products. A question colleagues often ask me  when looking at the price of some of these items is: “Will this change my life and is this really worth the price?”

After experimenting with lots of different products due to my career, I can honestly say: “Yes, ladies! Quality over quantity is worth every penny.”

There is also no harm in spoiling yourself now and then, especially in times of dire need (read: dry winter months that make you feel like every ounce of hydration has been sucked out of you).

Needless to say, when I came across these hydration heaven releases in the form of hand care items, I just had to share a few of our tried and tested favourites with you to place on your gift list. Never mind “Becky with the good hair”, now you can be Becky with the good hands.