Rapper Cassper Nyovest has been up to something this July. His followers have all suspected it and his new video for latest track “Mr Madumane (Big $pendah)”, which drops this week, has confirmed it. Nyovest wants people to really think before they spend. He wants them to know that he respects the value of a rand and that he has worked hard to strike a balance between spending (only within his means of course!) and investing for the future. Nyovest partnered with Sanlam for a National Savings Month initiative and is sending out a really strong message: life shouldn’t be all about big, conspicuous spending.


Over the past weeks, Nyovest has shown himself flying economy on a low-cost airline, renting out his crib on Airbnb, shopping at affordable fast fashion outlets and even asking for tips on how to get the last drop of tomato sauce from the bottle. As this has been a contrast from his usual social media content, his fans were initially a bit puzzled, but the values captured in these frugal posts have resonated extremely strongly with them because they show that being thrifty and finding ways to save and invest money can be cool.

The response
The posts received tens of thousands of likes and thousands of comments:

  • gmac1hundred I’m loving the economic Cass #NyovaNyova
  • ooo5_star@casspernyovest look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Does apply with rands too you go boy
  • major_tee_ Keep on doing good things I’m looking up to you
  • dineomalatshi208 Wow that’s why I like this guy, he doesn’t forget where he comes from
  • xs It’s good to see a star remembering the background. Ekasi made you bro and going back to support doesn’t mean you’ve fallen nor does it mean you’re broke. This is touching lives #stilloneofus #stillourhommie
  • moorosimotaung Take care of the pennies they will take care of you last month the 24th was my daughter’s birthday those pennies I saved bought her a tablet phone

Why Cassper Nyovest spends less
Nyovest’s ‘spend less’ focus was timed for National Savings Month, the month each July that South Africans are urged to focus on taking care of their finances. He worked with Sanlam – the financial organisation behind the ground breaking One Rand Man and One Rand Family social experiments in previous National Savings Months – to get the message to South Africans: don’t be a victim of ‘conspicuous spending’ or you’re likely to end up in debilitating debt.

Nyovest needed no convincing to take part in this initiative. At his core, he’s a man who believes that hard work and ‘doing it for yourself’ are the way to go. He owns some pretty flashy items now, but he worked for them and he paid in cash.

“My bugbear is entitlement; if a person feels they should be given hand-outs. Make it happen for yourself. And don’t be silly, trying to look rich if you aren’t. Be real. Be honest about your situation. If you are in debt, cut back on your lifestyle and get out of debt. It’s not just about now, and it’s not about what anyone else thinks of you. Make your life happen for yourself.”

Growing up, Nyovest’s grandparents showed him how to work with money.

“They never borrowed any money their whole lives. Everything they owned, they worked for and paid for in cash. I would love this to be the new culture in South Africa. A bit more patience, a bit more hard work and you’ll end up having something that is all yours – and you won’t spend your life paying back money to someone else and paying them tons of interest.”

Sanlam helps you
As Wealthsmiths, Sanlam aims to help consumers understand that money is not a limitless resource. It’s not how much money you make but rather what you do with it that counts – so while we’re earning, we should be putting away for the days when we don’t have an income anymore.

Consumers are inundated daily with messages encouraging them to spend and the group is committed to encouraging consumers to prioritise their financial needs so they don’t get tempted to spend conspicuously. Because ultimately, the more we save, the more domestic wealth the country has, which makes it easier to fund investment, jobs and better living standards.

One Instagrammer summed up the Nyovest initiative perfectly:

forever_living_products_16 I love this. He is not broke but he understands the law of money. God bless your hustle. Lots of people are in debt because they try to meet the standards of the folk they see on social media

Want to know more about this social experiment? Take a look at the documentary featuring Cassper and ‘partner’ in this initiative, Pearl Thusi.