Knowing that your relationship has run its course is as difficult as actually taking steps to end it. But how can you be sure that it’s time to call it quits?

Here are five indications that you may need to start a new chapter.

The trust is gone
A relationship can’t be fully functional without mutual trust. If your partner has broken this trust and you find it difficult to rebuild it (you second-guess their every move) – even after speaking about it – you need to think about whether your relationship will ever get back to being functional. 

Your partner is no longer your go-to person
Remember how he was the first person you told of your big news? Has that changed? If so, you need to reassess where you’ve placed him in your life. Sometimes, without intending to, we drift away from our loved one. Often nothing dramatic has happened to lead up to it – it might just be a chapter in your life that’s drawing to a close, and not much can be done to stop the process.

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You spend half your time fighting or defending your case
How you fight is indicative of your respective roles in the relationship – but how often you argue is also telling of the state of your relationship. While rows between couples can’t be avoided, you shouldn’t constantly be arguing, nor should you feel the need to prove yourself or your point. Differences in opinions are likely, but if your moral compass is pointing in opposite directions and it’s causing a ripple effect, it might be time to break things off.

You aren’t friends anymore
If you can no longer laugh about little things and share bits of your day with your partner, your relationship might have been over for a long time already. While you don’t always need to be talking, silence should never be uncomfortable. No relationship is sweeter than one built on friendship, so if the friendship has waned and you aren’t having fun any longer, there’s no reason to stay. And if sex and intimacy have become a chore rather than something you look forward to, your relationship isn’t heading anywhere either.

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You can imagine a life without your significant other
“The most important point of being in a relationship is the idea of creating a future together, shaping and designing the life you’re actively choosing to share with your significant other,” according to an article at “If you cannot imagine a future with this person, then it brings about the question about why you’re in the relationship to begin with and why you’re choosing to remain in a situation with which you have little emotional investment.”

Staying in a relationship you’re no longer invested in is detrimental to both you and your partner. If you’re okay with not having your partner in your life, end the relationship in a respectful manner rather than leading them on.

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