On Tuesday, singer Chris Brown and the Los Angeles Police Department were involved in a stand-off at the star’s home after Baylee Curran claimed the singer had pointed a gun at her, the LA Times reports.

Speaking to the newspaper, Curran claims that she and a friend had been invited to Brown’s home by a business associate. At some point in the evening, she says someone was exhibiting very expensive jewellery and that’s when Brown pulled his gun on her.

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“I don’t know if it was Chris’ friend or how he was related, but that’s when he told me to back away from the diamond necklace and started cussing me out and calling me names. That’s when Chris pulled his gun and told me to ‘Get out. I’m sick of you girls, get the F out!’,” she says.

She ran out of the home to the gates of the property and waited for the associate who had invited her to bring her her phone. The associate allegedly told her he would only hand over her phone if she agreed to sign a nondisclosure agreement. She refused, grabbed her phone and fled the property. A neighbour called the police.

That’s when Chris pulled his gun and told me to ‘Get out. I’m sick of you girls

The police arrived at Brown’s home at around 3am but were refused entry until they’d obtained a search warrant. In this time the star posted a series of videos on social media in which he spoke out against the police, claiming he was being unfairly threatened.

“I don’t care y’all going to stay playing with me like I’m the villain out here, like I’m going crazy… Good luck when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do. You’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing, you idiots,” Brown said in one video.

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The police were able to enter the property just after 1pm. As they entered six people exited Brown’s home and were frisked. Brown was taken into custody.

It’s not yet known what the police managed to recover from the property, but a law enforcement source told the LA Times that a duffel bag, which had allegedly been thrown from a window, had been collected as evidence.


Source: LA Times