While we support the global movement to “free the nipple”, good underwear is still important to achieve a great look. There are so many different types of bras and panties out there that choosing the right ones can be intimidating.

As most of us know, a good bra costs a lot of money, and unless you’re heir to the Victoria’s Secret empire, you probably won’t have access to unlimited bra styles. We’re here to help. So here are a few underwear styles for curvy and slender women.


The minimiser bra

Source: Funfashion@blogspot.com
Source: funfashion@blogspot.com

A lot has been said about DD being the ideal cup size, but busty ladies know how much of a struggle it can be to make their bodies look proportionate. Enter the minimiser bra. Short of going under the knife for breast reduction, this bra is the next best thing, and a lot cheaper and less invasive than surgery. According to Australian bra maker Brava, the minimiser bra works by pressing the breasts closer to the chest, and spreading them apart and across the body. They bras are usually made of firmer material, which makes it easier for busty women to button up their shirts without spilling over. The bras also lift the breasts to reveal a defined waist area.

The T-shirt bra

Source: Playtex

This bra isn’t made out of cotton, and is one to wear under T-shirts. It’s also known as a smoother bra. Every woman who is gifted in the breast department knows that most bras made for them resemble over-the-shoulder boulder holders. Straps that are too thick and too tight cause bits of flesh to stick out where they shouldn’t. The smoother bra creates streamlined contours and prevents the dreaded back bulge, making breasts look great under a T-shirt.

The date night bra

lacy bra
Source: Bustle.com

When your cup runneth over, you know how disheartening it can be to go bra shopping and find only white, black or peach bras in your size. But the good news is that there are many companies out there that make pretty bras for curvier women. A soft, feminine bra isn’t just to impress your partner; it also for you to feel great in. If you have sheer tops and shirts, a beautiful bra can look like an extension of your outfit. Try Bear Necessities for stunning, sexy bras.

The well-fitting panty

Source: Aliexpress.com
Source: Aliexpress.com

If you have a full bum, then you don’t want it to be unsupported in unflattering ways. Consider a high-waisted panty – not only does it give you shape but it’s also really comfortable. You’re in no danger of wearing a granny panty, as high-waisted underwear looks sleek and stylish.