If you’re starting to look a bit drained, it may be due to lack of sleep or it could be burnout from work. Here are the products to invest in to re-energize your face and reduce the appearance of fines lines, eye bags, dark circles or all three.

Fine lines
These are most often caused by ageing, so in that sense they aren’t entirely undesirable because they tell the story of your life. Then again, while you might like your mature look, you don’t want to look 10 years older than you are.

By paying a little extra attention to the skin around your eyes, you can dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles in that area. The first step is to examine your lifestyle and make a few adjustments, such as ditching the cigarettes if you smoke, using more sun protection and getting enough sleep.

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Over and above this, invest in Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex (15ml, R920). This retinol treatment works to reverse the signs of ageing, especially around the eye area, and rehydrates the skin.

Eye bags
This is not a good look – under-eye bags make you look exhausted and older. They’re often caused by environmental factors, stress and genetics. Just like fine lines, puffiness and bags under the eye can be dramatically reduced if you tweak your lifestyle choices. This includes getting enough sleep and cutting down on foods that are high in sodium, such as hot chips, as sodium tends to cause puffiness around the eye area.

The Lab Series for Men Age Rescue Eye Therapy (15ml, R440) is suitable for all skin types. This light gel reduces puffiness and works to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. Incorporate this product into your daily routine and apply it at night as well for best results.

Dark circles 
Much like fine lines and eye bags, dark circles around the eyes definitely don’t give off a youthful glow. These can come about as a result of seasonal allergies, age and can be attributed to genetics.

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If this is something you’re battling with, try Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream (15ml, R475) which has been specifically formulated to tackle not only the appearance of dark circles but also fine lines in the eye area.

Buying an eye cream probably isn’t at the top of your list of priorities, but you’ll be amazed by the difference they can make to a tired-looking face.