• What must-have styling tools do you need to maintain your pixie cut?

You need a flat iron or curler to use twice a week.

  • What products do you need to maintain your cut?

Depending on how you prefer to wear your cut, you’ll need a foam wrap and/or a taming gel. A foam wrap will help you mould the perfect cut and also hydrate and give the hair hold, without leaving flakes or residue. A taming gel is ideal if you want a product that will give the hair texture such as spikes. Before applying any sort of heat, it’s imperative that you use a good heat protectant to minimise the damage and breakage often caused by hot styling tools. Lastly, for daily maintenance, you need a moisturiser that’s either a butter, creme or oil to nourish the hair and add shine.

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  • How can you prevent breakage? 

Whether you’re relaxed or natural, you need to develop and maintain a healthy hair regimen. Relaxed hair needs protein to balance out the damaging effects of chemicals, so you need to go for a treatment every two weeks.

Tip: Avoid using harsh colours like grey as they strip and damage the hair.

  • How often should you use heat and how can you avoid the damage caused by hot styling tools? 

With chemically processed hair, the texture differs every third day, so you can heat style when needed. Remember to always apply a heat protectant serum before. Those with finer hair can apply heat once a week and, if you have medium to course hair, you may use heat twice a week.

Dare to do the big chop? Here are some ways you can wear this super sexy and feminine look:

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