Style is a personal thing, and no one should be told how to dress – but there are some suggestions that are worth considering when it comes to looking good.

That said, there are certain looks that 40-something gents should steer clear of. This doesn’t mean that you need to change your style, simply that it’s best to stick to age-appropriate clothing.

Here are a few fashion mistakes to avoid so you look like you’re embracing your forties rather than desperately trying to cling on to your youth.

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Skinny jeans
This is one of the most common fashion traps that many men fall into. The skinny jeans craze, especially for men, died down a long time ago. Besides it being a bad idea for any man, it’s not even in fashion any longer, so it’s really a lose-lose decision. But this doesn’t mean you should go to the other extreme. Baggy pants that fit loosely all the way down your legs make a sloppy impression. The trick is to find a straight-cut fit that sits well on your body: not too tight, not too loose – just perfect. This is the sign of a mature, distinguished man.

Straight caps
No, no, no. This is a clear indication that a man in his forties is trying to look younger. We promise, a simple baseball cap will do the trick – for both fashion and function.