Just a few days after the African National Congress announced that it would be doing lifestyle audits on members who have been deployed in senior government positions and public entities, South Africa’s high commissioner to Australia resigned from his post, reports iOL.

The ANC made the decision to do lifestyle audits after its dismal performance in the municipal elections, attributed to the popular notion that there is a lot of corruption in the party.

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A week before Ndebele’s resignation, there were rumours that the diplomat would be calling it quits. Ndebele, and five other co-accused, is set to appear in court for charges of fraud and corruption after a court date has been set.

The charges have to do with an alleged bribe of R10 million for the illegal extension of the electronic National Traffic Information System in 2010 when Ndebele was transport minister. The contract was for more than R2 billion.

The news of Ndebele’s resignation was confirmed by Clayson Monyela, the spokesman for the Department of Internation Relations and Co-operation in an interview with Business Day.

“As of September 30, the individual in question is no longer an employee of the department. We are not able to comment on his whereabouts, as he is no longer working in the department,” Monyela said.

DA spokesperson for international relations and co-operation Steven Mokgalapa said that Ndebele’s resignation protected the integrity of the high commission and South Africa’s international relations.

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“Corruption and fraud have become symptomatic of the current ANC government. This needs to be rooted out if we are to make any progress in serving the needs of ordinary South Africans,” Mokgalapa said. “We will closely monitor the case to ensure that this continues to happen.”

Ndebele is still the chancellor of the scandal-ridden University of Zululand.

“As far as I know he is still the institution’s chancellor, despite the cloud over his head,” said Gcina Nhleko, spokesperson for the institution.