A fun make-up style that’s been trending on social media recently has literally… well, um, caught my eye. A quick, fun way to spice up any office face beat has thankfully been bestowed on us by the make-up “gods” in the form of colourful lashes!

There is no shortage of options to suit any occasion. Go bold with solid bright hues like blue or purple or, for those who would like to ease into the trend, opt for subtler tints like brown or blue/black mascara.

Feeling super brave for a fun night out with the girls? Why not try your hand at Instagram-worthy rainbow lashes?

Audrey shows us how to perfect the look:

“Lashes can really add power to your make-up, whether it’s stage make-up you’re going for to a very modest or basic make-up style,” says Audrey.

“Colour lashes are generally difficult to find as they are not needed on a daily basis. Here’s my advice on how to make your DIY colour lashes in 10 minutes flat.”

What you will need

Eyellure lashes


Cotton earbuds

Loose glitter colour eyeshadows (the brighter your shade, the better)

Colour Pigment images from MAC international site