We’ve all had that experience with a barber, especially when it’s one you haven’t been to before. You relax in the chair, lean back and fall into a sleep of sorts, only to wake up to a skew and disappearing hairline.

At this point you’re just speechless, so you pay them and walk out of the salon without that same feeling you had when you’d cut your hair last week. Before you find yourself in this situation again, or if you’re in it now, here’s some advice on how to prevent it or – if your case is a bit more unfortunate – how to recover your hairline.

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When you go to any barber, it is essential to communicate what you want very clearly even before you take a seat. A common mistake is assuming that just be saying what cut you want, a barber knows exactly what you want. You have to leave no space for assumptions, and one of the best ways to do this is to bring along a picture of the haircut you want. Explain to them that you don’t want to have your hair trimmed, or that you just want them to trim the front and not the back (some guys prefer this).


When you find a good barber, stick with them forever! Even if you’re out of town and feel like you desperately need a haircut, going to a barber who no one’s recommended to you is not worth the long-term damage they could create. Rather wait until you’re back home when you can go to your favourite barber.


If you do want to get your edges trimmed for that finished and fresh look, don’t assume that your barber has super-straight-cutting hands. Like we said, there’s nothing worse than a skew hairline that you can do nothing about for the next month. Instead, as awkward and possibly offensive as it may be, ask your barber to outline your hairline with a pencil. A simple outline can keep everything in check and you don’t have to be nervous about how it might turn out.

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If, unfortunately, your barber trims your hairline close to the back of your head and the hairline you know has basically disappeared, then you have to be prepared to wait a while before it recovers.

“Once a hairline gets pushed back, the client should wait about two to three weeks before their next haircut. This grace period is necessary to allow for the next growth to somewhat catch up to the regular hair length of the client,” said master barber Chidi Palmer in an interview with Bevel Code. 

“Once the new growth [has] finally caught up to the push back, the barber [must] cut the client’s hair to an all even one level hairstyle to disguise the push back. The last step the barber should take is shaping/lining the client up, and the objective is to keep his/her hairline as natural as possible to prevent the hairline from being pushed back again,” Palmer went on to say.