The festive season can be a tricky time for grooming. It’s unlikely that you’ll maintain your daily grooming schedule, but you also want to look your best because you’ll be in the presence of people you probably see only once a year.

The trick is not to think too hard about, and just stick to the basics. Here are a few other things to consider to keep your skin looking healthy.

Cut down on sugar
As hard as it may be, try to limit your sugar intake over the holidays. Not only does sugar age your skin, but a diet high in sugar causes fluctuations in your blood sugar level, causing your skin to break out.

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One study found that people who had consistently high blood sugar levels appeared to be older-looking than those who had lower blood sugar levels. The study also found that with every 1mm/litre increase in blood sugar, an individual’s perceived age increased by five months.

Limit your alcohol intake
The effects of alcohol on your skin are devastating, and while there’s enough research to back this up, many of us have probably seen it for ourselves. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, causing it to age and appear dull and lacklustre. However, there is rule of thumb when it comes to skin and alcohol – “the clearer the alcohol the better”.

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Apply sunscreen
If you’ve never taken sunscreen seriously, now is the time to have it on hand. All those trips to the beach and constantly being on the road means you will be exposed to the sun a lot more than usual. To avoid skin discolouration and the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin, be sure to apply sunscreen regularly.

Keep it basic
Don’t complicate your morning routine – but don’t neglect it either. Use a cleanser every morning for your face, and moisturise your whole body, not just certain parts.

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