The different types of jumpsuits
Chunga says that to find the right jumpsuit for your body shape, you need to understand the different types on offer. “There are different variations of jumpsuits: there’s a boyless suit, which is a sporty version, and a rompa, which is shorter. But remember, they’re all cut differently,” she says. Chunga advises first identifying what shape suits your body and which features you’d like to accentuate. “Ask yourself what you’d like to achieve from wearing a jumpsuit: do you want to accentuate your waist, legs or breasts? Would you like to completely cover up? That makes it easier to pick the style that suits the feeling you’re going for.”

Why the flat bum?
A jumpsuit is one of those tricky items that can make your bum look flatter than it is. Chunga says this is because designers use a mannequin when designing the piece, which is usually size 34 and 1,7 metres tall. “When picking a jumpsuit, make sure you try it on, as sometimes it might have a longer abdomen or longer legs.”

What to avoid when wearing a jumpsuit
Simply put: camel toe. Make sure you get the right size. “A jumpsuit isn’t a piece you can just take off the rail,” Chunga says. “You always have to try it on.” Make sure it fits you well around the bust area and thighs. If the jumpsuit is long-sleeved, make sure it doesn’t hug your arms too tightly and that you’re able to move them about freely.

Draw inspiration from these gorgeous ladies and confidently rock a jumpsuit this December:

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