So the kids are home for the holidays and gogo will be visiting soon to come have a look at the little ones. It’s officially that time of the year to pick out fuss-free hairstyles that will make your little girl look good throughout the festive season. But where should you do her hair and what styles should she be doing this summer?

We turn to two of South Africa’s best kiddies’ hair salons to find out what the latest trends for children’s hair are and we get tips on how to take care of your little one’s hair after they leave the salon.


We love fun hair pieces like Darling’s “My Little Darling” range of hair fibres for little ones hair. My Little Darling’s colours range from your normal browns and blacks to fun bright colours like pink that can give your kids the Nicki Minaj hair they have been dying to rock but couldn’t, because they had school.

DESTINY loves:

My Little Darling Yaki Braid CC 03(Pack Pic)[3] copy   Princess Soft Dred (Pack Pic)[2] copy   My Little Darling Dancing Curl (Pack Pic)[2] copy

Have fun mixing your black and pink fibres for a two-tone fun style that will have your kids looking funky all summer long. For extra fun, different coloured beads will add a playful touch to your daughter’s hair and, if you’re attending a wedding or other functions these holidays, then uniform beads in white or brown can make for gorgeous hair accessories.

AfroKids Salon, based in Rivonia, allows you to leave your kids in the capable hands of their stylists. To put your mind at ease while you’re away, you can watch over them courtesy of their nanny-cams linked to your mobile phone. Kids get to do their hair and play in the interactive children’s playroom while stylists work their magic on your kid’s hair.

afrokids6 afrokidsbeads

Beautiful beaded up-dos done at AfroKids Salon


So January rolls around and you have to think about back-to-school styles that are appropriate for the classroom.

We love the braided bun as a style for school. This style not only looks neat but also protects your daughter’s hair – whether it be natural or relaxed. Finding a stylist who can incorporate an interesting braiding pattern only adds to this look. And if one bun isn’t enough, get your daughter two!

CBeebies Hair Studio, based in Midrand, specialises in entertaining children while getting their hair done by fully trained stylists. Boredom is a thing of the past when your little ones can enjoy a fun-filled playroom equipped with their own individual screens to watch TV or play X-Box, all while getting their hair back-to-school ready.

cbeebies8 cbeebies7

Braided Buns by CBeebies Hair Studio

We spoke to CBeebies’s Velisa Nyamela to get tips for hair maintenance after your mini-me has left the salon:

  • Moisturising is key, so use natural oils like coconut oil and shea butter to nourish and lubricate your child’s hair before styling.
  • School-aged children are prone to getting a little bit of everything in their hair, and if your child’s scalp is always sweaty you’ll need to shampoo their hair frequently to keep it clean.
  • Remember that young hairlines are sensitive and easily damaged by braiding, pulling and combing hair too tightly. Also take care of loose ends by applying shea butter or coconut oil to the ends of their hair to protect it from dryness and splitting.