Jordan has a jaw-dropping personal wealth amounting to about $1,7 billion (R23,2 billion), making him the highest-paid athlete ever, according to Forbes.

This isn’t surprising when one considers all of the athlete’s endorsements and earnings from his basketball career however. Jordan has accumulated more than $93 million (R1,27 billion) over 15 seasons and has multiple endorsements, with some of his biggest being McDonald’s, Hanes, Nike, Gatorade and others.

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In fact, just earlier this year Nike paid Jordan more than $100 million (R1,37 billion) for the continued success of the Jordan Brand – also keep in mind that he receives royalties on each shoe, hoodie and shorts sold from the Nike Jordan brand.

Tiger Woods holds the second spot on the list with a personal wealth amounting to $1,67 billion (R22,8 billion). Woods had topped the list comfortably for the past 11 years consecutively. The third and fourth place were taken by golfers Arnold Palmer ($1,35 billion [R18,5 billion]) and Jack Nicholaus ($1,15 billion [15,7 billion]) respectively.

F1 racer Michael Schumacher wrapped up the top 5 with a personal wealth of $1 billion (R13,68 billion)

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Lionel Messi made history as the youngest athlete to make it to the top 20 list of highest-paid athletes ever, coming in at number 17 ($520 million [R7,1 billion]). But he still didn’t beat Cristiano Ronaldo who came in 14th ($620 million [R8,5 billion]).

Here are the top 10 highest-paid athletes ever: 

1. Michael Jordan $1,7 billion (R23,2 billion)
2. Tiger Woods $1,67 billion (R22,8 billion)
3. Arnold Palmer $1,35 billion (R18,47 billion)
4. Jack Nicklaus $1,15 billion (R15,7 billion)
5. Michael Schumacher $1 billion (R13,68 billion)
6. Kobe Bryant $770 million (R10,5 billion)
7. Floyd Mayweather, Jr $765 million (R10,4 billion)
8. Phil Mickelson $760 million (R10, 3 billion)
9. David Beckham $730 million (R9,98 billion)
10. Shaquille O’Neal $700 million (R9,58 billion)