In addition, the agency helped the Moengs obtain factory space and machines when they realised it would be cost-effective to cold-press the seeds locally.

Working on a shoestring budget, they opted to run the business from their dining room and car boots. “I used to drive around with extra empty containers and argan oil in my boot, so I was always ready if an order cropped up,” recalls Moeng. “We went the Avon route by getting resellers for the product and kept ploughing money into the business. We only moved to proper premises when we were certain we could afford it.”

Initially, they worked with five resellers, helping to push the product. They now have a team of 26 employees and a turnover of R7 million.

Their steady growth has been the reason they’ve moved offices three times, each time to bigger premises, as demand for their offering has increased.

The couple are proud of their achievements and aim to build an empire, which is why they turned down an offer from a larger company that wanted to buy out their business. “We’ve grown a lot, by the Grace of God. We’ve worked very hard to get where we are and we’re just going to keep pushing. We’re not aiming to compete with the bigger beauty companies, with a day cream or night cream, but we’re listening to our customers’ needs. That’s why we’ve brought out six new products since we opened,” says Moeng.

Besides their own factory space, they’ve also acquired an organic laboratory to test all their products.

The most recent accomplishment, getting Pick n Pay to stock their products, will take their business to even greater heights.

“It’s an amazing opportunity,” says Moeng. “It’s started stocking us in 50 stores, but we were told to expect revenue of R1 million a month, which is wonderful news.”

Afri-berry products are sold in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland, but the Moengs aim to enter the international market as well.

This article first appeared on the October issue of Destiny Magazine