As one of the top skincare specialists in the world, what’s your daily skincare routine?

My morning routine is to cleanse using our special cleansing gel, then I use the daily microfoliant in the shower. After showering, I spritz my face with the antioxidant hydra mist. Recently, I’ve been using our skin hydrating booster, and sometimes I’ll use the multivitamin power serum, but it kind of depends on what mood I’m in.

At night, I use our special cleansing gel, antioxidant hydra mist and overnight repair serum with an added drop of oil, which I mix into any cream because I have super-dry skin. I then use the power rich, which is our night time strengthening treatment.

Jane’s predictions of skincare trends

Wurwand predicts a quantum shift in skincare trends, with a focus not only on skin type, but also on how environmental factors affect the condition of skin. These include pollution, weather, sun damage, electricity, artificial light and air-conditioning.

She adds that future product innovations will not only look at manipulating the skin’s micro-environment for maximum protection, but also foresees a huge focus on products aimed at fighting damage caused by factors such as a lack of sleep.