We all love laid edges – they give the hair a polished, clean and sophisticated finish. Also, they provide the hair with hold and a sleek look. But there’s nothing worse than edge control products that leave the hair with flakes, build-up or damaged.

According to Natural hair rules, to ensure that the hair isn’t damaged, always ensure you hydrate the hair with water. Black hair thrives on moisture. It’s important to keep the scalp and hair nourished to keep it healthy and prevent breakage.Before laying your edges, hydrate the hair with a water-based product. Just dampen the hair, don’t make the hair too wet.

The second step is to lay the edges with a butter or an alcohol free edge control product. If you opt for a gel, make sure it’s alcohol free so that it doesn’t dry the hair and break it.

Lastly, tie the hair until it dries.


1.Dr. Miracles Edge Holding Gel 

This super hold formula is blended with Jojoba oil to add shine and condition. Excellent for relaxed, natural, braided or weaved hair.

2. Mizani Edge Taming Gel 

Mizani Edge Taming Gel instantly tames and controls strays, flyaways and unruly edges. It’s infused with jojoba, sunflower and aragon oil that moisturise the hair and add touchable control. This edge control product also contains anti-oxidant vitamin E and ceramide which strengthen the hair and creates a protective shield on the hair cuticle.

3. Nyxon Freeze Gel 

This is the product that entrepreneur and radio host Azania Mosaka uses to keep her edges smooth and sleek. It keeps shaved, braided, relaxed and natural sleek and smooth without flaking. This freeze gel is available from Miss Salon London.

Sources: Natural hair rules