High Court Judge President Dunstan Mlambo ruled that a report issued by the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) detailing 72 ‘suspicious’ transactions Gupta-owned companies made should be striked out of court papers.

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Effectively this means that Gordhan will not be allowed to use the information contained in the report to support his case to seek a declaratory order prohibiting him from interfering with the major banks’ decision to close the bank accounts of Gupta-owned companies.

Counsel for the Gupta-controlled holding firm Oakbay Investments, had earlier argued that references made to the FIC report in court papers filed by Gordhan were irrelevant to the relief sought after because he had requested the FIC to look into Gupta-linked accounts after he had launched his application.

However, Gordhan, registered a small victory when Judge Mlambo ruled that references made by Oakbay in court papers referring to Gordhan leading a political conspiracy must also be striked out.

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The two parties were urged to try settle the matter out of court, but the case continues this afternoon.

Earlier on in the day, President Jacob Zuma lawyer’s withdrew an application to join court proceedings as an interested party in the matter.