The Goliath & Goliath trio is taking the comedy scene in South Africa by storm. Jason, Nicholas and Donavan Goliath make up a comedy collective that has made a business out of their passion. The three own the Goliath Comedy Club in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.

Their journey began when they decided to create a space for coloured people to enjoy comedy. Jason came up with the idea to call the events AWednesdays – a play on the word aweh (a term of agreement) – out of which the AWednesdays Comedy Jam arose.

Jason says being in business hasn’t been an easy undertaking.

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“Being in business is hard,” he says. “It’s hard every day. Yet for us, not only have the past five years been the most difficult from a business point of view but they’ve also been the most rewarding.”

The Goliaths say that although they might not be the biggest names in comedy in the country, they’re certainly the most recognisable.

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