Flattered is an understatement when describing how I felt when beauty and personal care brand Dove invited me to celebrate their 60th Anniversary and global influencer event in New York City this past month, along with another two beauty bloggers and beauty editor. After quite some travelling across 9 time zones to be exact (hello jetlag!) we arrived in style to a fabulous but freezing NYC (up to -9 degrees is no joke).

Once checked into our chic hotel NoMo Soho based in Manhattan, we then hit the streets of New York for a spot of shopping (as one does!) marveling at all the beautiful stores and incredible sales, before retiring to get our much-needed beauty sleep to get through a busy three days ahead of us.

Breathtaking view from my hotel room at NoMo Soho Hotel

Event day 1: 60-year retrospective  

Our first event, the 60-year Dove retrospective held in a scenic warehouse with amazing cityscape views, had scientists explaining upcoming innovations and the latest launches the brand has to offer in 2017.  We were then whisked into another world with the Dove NYC virtual reality pod, where we could place virtual reality glasses on, lift our feet and look around, to feel like we were  soaring in the sky over New York.  Such an amazing experience!

Dove also took us on a trip down memory lane showing us the brand’s journey through the years, including the first ever release of their iconic beauty bar launched in 1957, where we learnt that their ageless formula has not changed in 60 years talk about consistency!

We were also treated to some amazing new launches coming up, which I can’t wait to tell you about along with the inspirational agenda for day two, so watch this space!