Asiyami Gold’s Instagram page is well curated, visually strong and portrays the blogger’s love for visual storytelling. Originally from Abua, a village is Rivers State, Nigeria, Gold says she finds inspiration and joy from her home town.

“Although [Abua is] underdeveloped, Abuans find joy in what they have,” Gold told the New York Times.

Her blog, Asiyami Gold, focuses on fashion, lifestyle, travel and photography. And she’s no ordinary blogger: through her imagery, her social media pages and blog reflect her calm and gracious personality, as well as her background.

On her blog, she says she’s never been one to settle for mediocrity, always looking beyond what the eye can see and reaching for what the heart can feel.

Her favourite part of the creative process, according to,  is seeing things form and become what she’d envisioned. “When the vision becomes a reality, is my joy. I enjoy the process but not as much

Gold loves muted tones, but appreciates all kinds of colours and textures as long as it’s done properly. “My favourite colour combo has to be mauve and olive green. Those colours together never fail visually,” she said.

Gold has won our hearts with her easy-going, effortless style. Follow her page – you won’t be disappointed.