Everyone dreads having a terrible boss and most people wish they could  have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough in the office. However new research by a UK University claims that having a supportive boss might be denying you happiness.

The  study, titled Can dealing with emotional exhaustion lead to enhanced happiness? The roles of planning and social support suggests that recovery from a difficult life situation can lead  people  to”experience positive outcomes in their aftermath.”

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For employees, having an employer who is constantly engaged  in trying to solve their emotional exhaustion can deny them the benefits of working through their difficult emotional phase.

“[P]erceiving low supervisor support enhances the employee’s engagement in the development of an action plan, which, when paired with an active search for instrumental social support, boosts happiness,” says the study.

In order for someone to benefit from going through a difficult time, they need to be actively involved in finding the solution to their problem. Researchers note that there is a positive correlation between “a coping effort capable of bringing an inflow of novel ways to deal with emotional exhaustion” and finding happiness in the long run.

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This is because the process of looking for a solution is an important step of being happy after going through a difficult time.

“Emotional exhaustion without receiving supervisor support can induce feelings of competence and autonomy, which in turn buffers the depletion of energy associated with emotional exhaustion,” the study concluded.

– Source: Work & Stress