Shot in Durban, South African movie Keeping Up With the Kandasamys, which tells the story of two rival families, the Kandasamys and the Naidoos, has earned R16 million in 12 weeks.

According to East Coast Radio, director Jayan Moodley said the movie’s success was a win for the Durban film industry.

“It feels hugely exciting, mainly because it is such a win for Durban,  for KwaZulu-Natal and for film-making in South Africa. It’s just amazing. We feel loved,” she said.

“As filmmakers, we expose ourselves, as there is always a little part of us in our stories. When it’s appreciated and loved the way this film is, it’s just fulfilling. We make films so that people can watch them and enjoy them and this kind of encouragement from so many people just spurs us on to tell more stories,” she added.

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Time Live further reports that Moodley appreciated the direction South Africa is taking with regard to telling diverse stories.

“We’re finally starting to build an industry in our beautiful country and telling different stories from diverse cultures. As we grow our viewership and loyalty to local films develops, we’ll find more cinemas opening more screens to local films.”

“I just feel this incredible amount of gratitude for all the love and for now, I’m just enjoying the love and waiting for inspiration to create something new,” she said.