The most common cause of dark circles is fatigue, according to the Mayo Clinic. While that may be the primary reason, nasal congestion can also be the culprit as it causes the blood vessels that drain from the area around your eyes to dilate, thus darkening it.

A lack of essential vitamins or sleep are also contributing factors, as well eczema, excessive sun exposure and excess salt in your diet.

The cause of dark circles determines how you manage them.

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Here are the best ways to conceal under-eye rings: 

  • To brighten the area under the eyes, use a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone. Always aim to create a natural look. You can also apply concealer to the inside corner of the eyes to make them appear bright and fresh.
  • To prevent dark circles from forming, try an eye gel or cream. Although results aren’t immediate, you should see a difference in about two weeks. Eye creams are great to treat under-eye bags and circles after you’ve had a late night. Look for ones that contain caffeine, as this stimulates blood flow to the area.

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  • Add supplements to the mix. A little help can go a long way – if you know that you’re not going to get enough sleep, vitamin supplements are a great way to boost energy levels and help with overall skin health. Look for supplements that support the skin and are rich in minerals that are targeted at healthy skin.

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  • Apply concealer over foundation as it prevents shifting the concealer. This way, you’ll also use less concealer, which creates a more natural look. Use a fine concealer brush or your fingertips to gently press the colour around your eyes. Start with a small amount to prevent caking. Then, tilting your head forward, apply a little concealer to any dark areas around the inner corners of the eyes. Finally, using a light touch, set the concealer with a translucent setting powder. To prevent the powder from forming lines, spray your face with a fixative spray.

Remember, go up only one shade lighter than your under-eye area, as too light a shade will make the dark circles look worse.