Celebrate the big moments in a man’s life with Bell’s whisky. It’s important to take time out to mark those special occasions and what better way to show him how much he means than with a special serving of Bell’s whisky.

With a heritage and recipe as old as the Scottish highlands and lowlands themselves, there’s no wonder Bell’s whisky is considered Extra Special. If you didn’t get a chance to celebrate with your dad on Father’s Day, mark off these other major milestones in a man’s life to help you remember when he needs an extra special salute.


1. On his birthday
2. To celebrate a win at work
3. On his wedding anniversary
4. The first time you “meet the parents”
5. When your son turns 18 and finally gets his own driver’s licence!
6. During a long boys’ weekend away
7. When you go to visit the family
8. If your team loses
9. When you get that big promotion at the office
10. During the holidays when you’re surrounded by friends and family

Tasting tip: Do you know how to appreciate the different notes in Bell’s whisky? Pour a tot into a tumbler. Take it by its base, hold your nose just inside it and, with your mouth slightly open, gently inhale.

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Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.  Drink responsibly.