While having a gym partner comes with a number of advantages, it’s important to weigh this up with the disadvantages that could also possibly arise from it before choosing your partner, or deciding whether you want one at all.

In his own words, fitness guru Ronald Abvajee outlines the pros and cons of having a workout partner.


Having someone there to hold you accountable and ensure you reach your goal weight will motivate you to take full control of your health. Also, you are less likely to skip the gym if you are planning on meeting someone there.
Making a pact
You made a commitment to yourself to be healthier and you also made one to your partner, so you’ll most likely make better choices to avoid going back on your word.
Having a gym partner can push you past your pain barrier. When lifting with your friend, you tend to want to compete and see who can lift more, pushing yourself in the process.
Your workout buddy can be your cheerleader and help push you when you’re trying to complete that final repetition. Having that extra kick in the butt can make a huge psychological difference.
You no longer need to worry about finding a random stranger to spot you or feel as though you can’t go all out. Having a gym partner there will allow you to test yourself and push through the heavier weights.
Having that gym partner makes time not only fly by, but also makes your workouts fun. You can push one another, seeing who can do what and competing. Having someone to talk to is nice as well.
Like they say, two heads are better than one. Ideally, find a workout partner who has more experience than you do and a better understanding of fitness. You can learn from him or her and apply any new-found knowledge to your routine. In addition, your workout buddy may be able to add some new exercises to your routine.