Having blazed a trail in the advertising scene, there’s no doubt that her time in the tech space will be equally epic. She tells us about her career weapons and life in the Facebook lane.

Walking through the Facebook Africa offices is like stepping into a pristine, multi-million-rand rural home, with an interior so intimidating that one fears touching anything. How is it possible for a global company that’s perceived to be one of the trendiest to have the aura of a library during exam season?

But the slogans on the motivational posters adorning the wall – such as “Kick the shit out of option B” (recently introduced by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg), “Focus on impact”, “Be open” and “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” – hint at a team of dedicated employees who put their heads down when it’s time to work and come out to play when the mood calls for it.


Ntshingila, who’s been with the organisation for almost two years, after a 15-year stint at advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, says the global Facebook culture requires employees to bring their entire selves to the office, including cosmetics in the ladies’ cloakroom – to give the office a “home-away-from-home” feel. “The company genuinely cares about its employees’ well-being, not just what they bring to the table,” she says. “Each year, every employee’s encouraged to pen their vision, both business and personal. We share these with each other and hold each other accountable for achieving them.”