The benefits of having a personal trainer can definitely not be denied, especially if you’re struggling with your fitness journey. But before you invest in hiring one, it’s important to also weigh up the cons before you make a final decision.

We asked fitness guru Ronald Abvajee to outline some of the most pertinent of these and here’s what he had to say:

The pros


If working out on your own isn’t doing the trick, it may be because you lack motivation. You may be on the treadmill or pumping the weights, but your heart just isn’t in it. Boredom is a common factor in quitting exercise programmes. A great pro of hiring a personal trainer is motivation. He or she will offer encouragement and a workout plan designed just for your health and fitness goals.


Those who are brand new to exercise might benefit from the help of a personal trainer. If you’re unfamiliar with how gym equipment works, you may use it improperly, resulting in injury. A personal trainer will help you learn how to use equipment in the most effective way possible so you can get the most from each workout and see results faster.

Personalised instruction

If you’re self-conscious working out in a crowd or have difficulty following the instructor in large classes, you may benefit from the one-on-one instruction of a personal trainer. This way, you can learn at your own pace with an instructor available for only you.

Your own exercise plan

In additional to personal attention, your personal trainer will also get to know you and understand your weight-loss and health goals. He or she will use this information to not only plan a successful exercise programme, but a meal and lifestyle plan as well.

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