Ever wondered how Lebo Gunguluza made his first million? Or wanted to know the pros and cons of starting a family business? What about insight into how Chef Nti went from blogger to celebrity chef?

For all the times you’ve wanted to know the “how” of success and felt frustrated in not getting the answers, MentorFeed is here to help.

A personal development platform owned by Ndalo Media, MentorFeed intends to impart skills you can use.

If you’ve ever wished you could pick up the phone and access a mentor to help you with a pressing query, you can now just log in to MentorFeed and be “mentored” by our varied content.

“Over the years, our readers and the South African public have expressed a need for a dedicated portal of support. Our response is MentorFeed – your online mentor,” says Ndalo Media CEO Khanyi Dhlomo.

Through podcasts, articles and videos, you’ll learn lessons and receive tips from engaging leaders. While it’s important to glean knowledge from those at the top, sometimes their stories are out of reach – that’s why we cover topics that reflect the multiple stages of a career journey.

Find out how Rich Mnisi turned an internship into a great stepping stone and learn how a 27 year-old entrepreneur recovered from the abysmal and bankrupting failure of her restaurant. If you’re in the corporate world and are considering entrepreneurship, read through Romeo Kumalo’s timeline of how he made this move. And because what we do outside the office impacts our functioning inside it, browse through our videos covering emotional intelligence topics such as how to stop being a people-pleaser.

The site is free of charge for all users, but you are required to register for full access. Taking less than a minute to complete, the registration process is so that MentorFeed can track what content best suits the audience’s needs. All information will be used to help the team determine content patterns such as what sort of stories are most appealing to recent graduates and what resources entrepreneurs download most.

In addition to articles, podcasts, videos and resources, the site will also host live chats with notable business leaders. Here, you will be get answers to your most pressing career questions in real-time.

If you’ve ever thought: “I wish I had a mentor”, MentorFeed is here for you. With this online mentor, you’ll be able to dream bigger and grow further.