On Monday, DJ Black Coffee took to Twitter to ask award-winning author Paulo Coelho to write his biography because he is ready to tell his story.

“My entire life has been something from a book. I’m ready to tell that story. How many retweets, Paulo Coelho, sir, to write my story?” Black Coffee tweeted.

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In a few hours, the tweet garnered over 2 000 retweets and multiple responses from people encouraging the author to consider the opportunity. Much to the joy of Black Coffee fans, Coelho responded to the tweet, saying that he would like to discuss the idea further.

“I am currently working on a book to be published by the end [of] 2018, but I will follow you and we can chat about it,” Coelho wrote.

Coelho is an acclaimed author and has written more than 34 books.

Black Coffee’s request did not go without a backlash, with users accusing him of not supporting black African authors. One user wrote: “Let’s make it a racial issue.. since you are a symbol of black excellence.., how about you give the opportunity to a great black author?”

The DJ didn’t seem fazed by this comment and he responded by making two points clear:

  1. “I’m not a symbol of anything.”
  2. “If you wanna make it a racial issue, go ahead, but do that with your friends. I don’t have time.”

Here’s what the Twitterverse had to say: