Robert Marawa has confirmed that he and actress Pearl Thusi have broken up. The couple had been together for a few years and got engaged in 2015.

“I confirm the rumour & speculation that my relationship with Miss Pearl Thusi ended a few months ago.We continue 2 be good friends, though,” he wrote in a tweet.

Speaking to Anele Mdoda on her talk show Real Talk on SABC3 in August last year, Marawa opened up about his relationship with Thusi.

Mdoda asked Marawa how he had initially approached his lady, to which he replied: “We initially met at a Polo event. She was in her car, which, ironically, was a VW Polo. We introduced ourselves and started talking. She was driving and I was walking, so we call it the ‘walk and talk’. I always remind her about the ‘walk and talk’. Nothing was exchanged at the time, no numbers…”

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Marawa added that Thusi had learnt how to handle her fans and foes on social media and also what to expose and what to keep hushed.

“It’s a journey, so allow it to happen. But it will get to a stage like now where it’s maturity, where you don’t have to say: ‘Yay, I’m in a movie.’ Allow that work to kick in, little pockets of information will come out. That’s what happened now,” Marawa said, referring to Thusi’s involvement in Quantico, a US drama series about young FBI recruits.