In order for hair to grow and be healthy, you need to deep condition regularly. According to AfroBotanics, deep conditioning is a process that fortifies hair with moisture and protein. It ensures that the product used is able to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver moisture and protein.

Hair is a combination of moisture and protein and those are the two elements we need to remember when thinking about haircare.

Our hair is made of 15% moisture and 85% protein and in order for it to be healthy, you need to find the perfect moisture-protein balance. This is achieved with protein- and moisture-rich treatments to help minimise breakage and strengthen your hair.

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Celebrity hairstylist and owner of Lajawi Beaute Cafe, Jawad Maphoto, says that hair is weakened and stripped of moisture and protein by relaxers and any type of braiding or pulling. It’s therefore imperative to deep-condition the hair before installing any type of style. This will give your hair extra strength and moisture before you weave it.

“This final step means the conditioner will spend the most time in your hair, so use it to add any extra ingredients that could benefit your locks,” advises Style Studio MD Grant Heynes. Extra ingredients you could include in your protein conditioner are items you could easily find in your kitchen, such as olive oil, avocados and eggs.

There are two types of deep conditioners: 

  • A moisturising deep conditioner infuses the hair shaft with moisture and increases its elasticity.
  • A protein treatment strengthens the hair and is ideal before and after a style like braids or cornrows.

It’s also vital that those with relaxed hair do regular protein treatments. When you relax your hair, the protein bonds are broken down and it loses moisture. It’s therefore important to restore the lost moisture and protein in relaxed hair by doing regular deep-conditioning treatments.

Tip: Depending on what your hair needs, deep-condition twice a month to keep it healthy.


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