A pixie cut 

Spring is the perfect time to switch up your look and go shorter. Whether it’s a powerful pixie cut or a cute crop, getting a trim can be a lot of fun!

In a previous article in DESTINY, celebrity stylist Jawad Maphoto recommended the below products to maintain your pixie cut if you have relaxed hair:

  1. Depending on how you prefer to wear your cut, you’ll need a foam wrap and/or a taming gel.
  2. foam wrap will help you mould the perfect cut and also hydrate and give the hair hold, without leaving flakes or residue.
  3. taming gel is ideal if you want a product that will give the hair texture such as spikes.
  4. Before applying any sort of heat, it’s imperative that you use a good heat protectant to minimise the damage and breakage often caused by hot styling tools. Lastly, for daily maintenance, you need a moisturiser that’s either a butter, creme or oil to nourish the hair and add shine.

Image: pop hair cuts 

  • Jumbo braids 

If you’re a braids kind of lady and don’t want to part with your signature hairstyle, then try jumbo braids. What’s great about them is that they take about two hours to do (depending on desired length and your hairstylist’s pace), which means you won’t have to be seated for hours on end. Use a light hair fibre like Expression to make sure they aren’t heavy.

Note: Make sure your hairstylist doesn’t pull the hairline area. You can easily suffer from a receding hairline with this style, because of the thickness of the braid, which is why you must insist on the stylist not touching the small hair around your temple.

Image: Pinterest 

  • A curly wig 

A wig is a great option for any season, because it gives you time to treat the hair underneath.

We must point out though that it is important that you don’t get carried away with just looking good and end up neglecting your hair – that defeats the purpose of a wig. Maintain your usual hair regimen: wash, deep-condition and moisturise your relaxed or natural hair as you normally would.

We love how natural the front of this Ubuhle Handmade wig is – an investment that will last you forever.

Image: Ubuhle Handmade

Funky cornrows 

We’re seeing more and more cornrows on the hair/beauty radar this year. We love Bonnie Mbuli ‘s hairdo – it’s funky, different and perfect for spring.

Image: Instagram 

  • Dare to be different 

A true African at heart, Urban Mimz offers a wide variety of unique African-inspired hairstyles.

Image: Instagram